Frequently Asked Questions


Why Fancy Footwork?

Fancy Footwork is the only local dance school providing a comprehensive programme for children aged from 18 months to 18 years and onwards to Adults for Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz and Musical Theatre; so we really do mean ‘Dance Through Life’ either just for fun, or as a vocational option. Lucy Clay established the Fancy Footwork in 2001 and it has become an integral part of the SW11 community with our students participating in local events such as the Northcote Road Carnival, school fairs and a biennial talent showcase. While dance is a great way of developing coordination and stamina, it also and arguably most importantly, develops confidence all while having lots of fun

How do I book a trial?

The easiest way to book a trial session is to register on our website and then book a trial (or demo) on the Book a Demo page.

If you require any assistance please contact us by telephone on 07739 863726 or email us on 

We find that children often get the most from a trial session by attending with a friend so please do book an additional place for a special person.

Which is the right class?

We provide clear progression for children from 18 months with Movement to Music, through the Grades to 18 years and then onwards for adults in all our dance genre.

The class groups work to the scholastic year so for example, a child of 3 years turning 4 between 1st September and 31st August should be enrolled in the 4+ lessons. Again, if you need help, don’t hesitate to call us.

Where does Fancy Footwork teach?

We love that we are a local, community-based dance school and we teach at the following venues:

Belleville Primary School

Belleville Primary School (Meteor Street)

Chatham Hall

Fresh Ground

Oak Lodge School

St Luke’s Community Hall


Why do we need a uniform?

Being in uniform helps the children feel part of the group and it’s an important part of the dance experience and discipline.
The uniforms are designed for maximum comfort for the dancers, are hard wearing and machine washable (delicate cycle).   

Uniforms are available on-line and you will find details on the Uniform Page .

Does my child need to take Examinations?

No, however the majority of children will take the examinations as a positive affirmation of their hard work and achievement even if they are dancing for joy rather than looking for dance to be a way of life.  Your teacher will advise you when your child is ready for examinations; there is no pressure and no requirement to take examinations if your child does not wish to. Successful candidates are awarded a certificate and medal of achievement

What else do I need to know?

The safety, security and wellbeing of your child are of utmost importance to us. On this basis we ask the following:

Only one parent or carer to attend Move to Music classes which are participatory ie; you will need to be prepared to join in so dress accordingly! Otherwise, parents do not attend lessons but we do hold special ‘watching’ classes at the end of each term so you can see how your child is progressing.

Please arrive in good time for the class. Children benefit from a calm environment at drop off and collection so please form a line on the left of the doors so we can ensure a safe and orderly handover. Anyone collecting children MUST be over 16 years of age.

Children must have used the bathroom and be in uniform with their hair tied up as appropriate, ready for their class. No changing children in communal areas please.

Dance shoes should not be worn outside of the classroom, so please remember appropriate footwear for getting to and leaving class. It is inappropriate for children over Grade 1 level to leave venues wearing only their uniform so please bring warm down gear to put over the top or a change of clothing.

Young children may find it slightly overwhelming to be separated from their parents, so consider bringing a special toy your child can show to the teacher and class to help settle them on the first few occasions. Most of all, please try not to worry, your child is in safe hands.

You may wish to familiarise yourself with the venue in advance as the security arrangements, buggy access, bathrooms and parking facilities vary. For health and safety reasons, please understand that we cannot have buggies in the teaching room and in some venues, space for buggies is extremely limited.